Red Squirrel Rescue Action Plan Revealed!

Charming little red squirrels were once a very familiar sight all over the UK but, over the years, their numbers have dwindled dramatically thanks to the introduction of their grey squirrel cousins, which have outcompeted them for food.  Grey squirrels also carry the squirrelpox virus, which red squirrels are highly susceptible to while greys are

Pest Control In Museums & Galleries

While it’s certainly important for home and business owners to keep their properties pest-free at all times, it’s perhaps even more essential for museums and galleries to keep infestations under control, since these worthy establishments contain all sorts of precious and irreplaceable artefacts… and you don’t want them munched by moths! Preventative conservation is vital

Super-Mice ‘Infesting’ The Houses Of Parliament!

If you have a mouse problem on your hands, rest assured that you’re certainly not the only one having to deal with an infestation. In fact, you’re in most excellent company indeed, with the historic Houses of Parliament apparently experiencing similar issues at the moment. According to the Daily Mail, tens of thousands of pounds

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