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Most mice will generally only come indoors during the autumn and winter months to escape the cold temperatures whereas the house mouse will breed all year round in a warm building where a good supply of food is available.

Mice are thought to be the most widespread terrestrial animal, along with the brown rats, other than humans. Both the house mouse and wood mouse require about 3 grams of food every day to survive and if that food contains enough moisture then the mice do not even need to find liquid elsewhere. The favourite food of mice is cereal and grain, not cheese.

Almost every house has cereal and grainy food of some kind nowadays, this provides food for mice. Not only that but we also have a source of vegetables and fruit available for mice to feed on. Mice will also quite happily feed on items such as candles or soap if it has some form of nutrition or fat, their sense of taste is not as highly developed as that of humans.

Signs of a mouse infestation will include evidence of chewed food or plastic and droppings spread around the areas they have been. Mice tend to leave urine everywhere which has the potential to spread diseases to humans mice have been known to spread diseases such as Salmonella, Listeria, which can cause food poisoning.

Mice dropping are often black in colour rod shaped and about 3-6mm in length, fresh dropping tend to be moist and soft. Each individual mouse can produce up to 80 droppings per day, the most common places to locate the droppings are under the kitchen sink around the boiler or even in cupboards. Other signs may be smear marks that will be dark grey in colour and come from the oils contained in the fur of the mouse.

Mice can be found anywhere but do seem to prefer areas like loft spaces or voids under the floor or in the walls.

Controlling mice is most effective when using specifically designed poisons provided by The Exterminator Pest Control which once eaten will cause the mice to die quickly. It’s always possible that a mouse may die in a location which is inaccessible for example in or behind the wall which is built into the house or perhaps under the floorboards and this may result in a smell.

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