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The Wasp Exterminator is a friendly family business based in Chelmsford, covering all Essex and Suffolk. All our technicians are fully qualified to BPCA Standard of RSPH Level 2 in pest management and are insured for your peace of mind.

Wasps will often look to make nests in shielded areas of our properties. On warmer days and later in the summer, you may see a steady stream of wasps coming and going through a small gap. This can be in the roof tiles, a fascia or brickwork.

Also, from the outside, The Exterminator Pest Control would use a wasp’s insecticide injected at high pressure into the heart of the nest. By the following day, the nest will be inactive. Wasps can be exceptionally irritating pests, but they can become aggressive and even dangerous. The most common species in the UK are the German wasp and the Common wasp.

Wasps and Hornets

Wasp bodies have the characteristic black and yellow stripes around the abdomen. Furthermore, they can be giant insects and measure approximately 14mm long. Hence, Wasps and Hornets look very similar in colour, although the hornet is much more giant.

Significantly, hornets and wasps can be aggressive and can string without provocation. Wasps become a nuisance to businesses, householders and those trying to enjoy the summer outdoors.

Lastly, if a wasp nest is anywhere near where humans live, it becomes essential to treat it. However, if the nest is in a rural location with little or no hazard to humans, The Exterminator Pest Control would advise leaving them alone.


Firstly, if a wasp is harmed or feels the nest is under attack, it will release an attack pheromone. This chemical will signal other wasps to target a threat, which can lead to a frenzied attack.

Secondly, the sting is caused by an injection of venom into a victim. Unlike a bee, the wasp can sting the victim multiple times; the sting can potentially cause a fatal anaphylactic shock to the victim. In extreme cases, a hospital visit may be needed.

Furthermore, The Exterminator Pest Control uses only the best and safest process to treat any wasp nest, and we recommend you never attempt to treat the nest yourself.

Finally, if you think you may have a wasp nest, please use the contact form or call us.

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