Mice, rats and other rodents can become problematic in any business premises but it is perhaps those operating in the hospitality sector that face the biggest issues… for obvious reasons.

Wherever there’s access to food, you can be assured that the pitter patter of tiny feet and a few whiskery faces will try to set up home somewhere on site – and this is something that must be kept under control to prevent damage to your site but also to make sure that you remain compliant with health and hygiene legislation.

Where your business premises is concerned, bear in mind that the presence of rodents can lead to serious damage to your fixtures, fittings and equipment. Rodents have a serious penchant for gnawing and they’ll attach their teeth to pretty much anything, which can cause you all sorts of problems if you’re not careful.

And from a health perspective, rodents are capable of spreading diseases (such as leptospirosis), as well as carrying ticks, mites, fleas, viruses and bacteria, so it’s essential that you keep population numbers well under control.

Signs of an infestation include a smell of ammonia and small dark droppings, as well as scratching and scurrying sounds as they move through the ceilings and walls, and beneath the floorboards. You may even hear some squeaks!

Prevention is better than cure, of course, so make sure you prioritise building maintenance and block any potential entry points to stop pests from entering the site in the first place. Keeping lids on bins and disposing of waste regularly and responsibly will prove a deterrent, as rodents won’t be attracted to your place of business. 

And maintaining a robust cleaning schedule is also another very effective way of keeping pests at bay, ensuring that there aren’t any food sources that could prove attractive, as well as removing any potential hiding spots and nesting areas at the same time.

Even with all the best preventative measures in place, however, you may still have an infestation on your hands at some point. If you find yourself in this situation, get in touch with us today to discuss mouse control and more.