Who is Responsible for Rats in Sewers

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Rats in sewers and the importance and a CCTV survey.

The Exterminator Pest Control are trained by a local water authority with years of experience.

The Exterminator Pest Control specialist camera is extremely high quality and is designed to identify holes accessed by rats in pipes beneath your property. Rodents around your property can be very unpleasant. If rodents are in the sewers affecting your property, contact a professional pest control company like “The Exterminator Pest Control” that has the correct equipment to resolve the issue.

1 What can cause rodents?

Sewers are the perfect environment for rats to nest or use to get around. Excess food waste can captivate rodents. If there are deficiencies in the sewer this can lead to rodents going below and above ground.

Rodents can be a continuous issue as:

  • The population of rats is at an all-time high.
  • Rats can burrow and gnaw through materials.
  • Damaging sewer lines causes worsening defects.
  • Rats will move readily between the surface and the sewer.
  • Rats will flow easily between the floor and the sewer.

2 What can we do about rats in sewers?

Rats getting into your properties via drains has increased over the years. We had a phone call from a customer that found some unusual deposits in his drains. He takes care of his home and garden and was confused to see some discoloured debris when he lifted the manhole cover in his garden.

3 Who to call, to remove rats from your sewer pipes?

The customer contacted us to remove the rats from his sewer pipes, we came out to investigate. We were able to use cameras to discover where the rats were living in the main sewer system and removed all the rats.

4 How to get rid of rats in your sewer pipes?

The waterboard was able to confirm the infestation, but they can’t get rid of rats in the drain and sewer pipes. They only fix damaged pipework outside of the property, which of course, is not the issue here. Hiring the services of a pest control company like The Exterminator Pest Control is the only way to get rid of rats.

5 How to stop rats going in drain pipes?

To Preventing further infestation is as important as getting rid of rats in the first place. We can suggest various solutions that might include installing a rodent mesh, plugging up and installing one-way valves.

6 The Best Piece of Advice If You Have Rats in Your Sewer

The best piece of advice is to call your local pest control company “The Exterminator Pest Control” as they will have all the knowledge and tools needed to take care of your problem. Even if you locate the rats and their possible entry points, getting rid of them is not as easy as you may think.

Remember, rodents multiple and that means they are living in big numbers, which also means they are taking up lots of space in the area they are living. You may see one or two, but you will not see all of them.

Price of CCTV survey on its own is £75 or if part of a rodent control package its £55

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