What can cause rodents? Facts, Dangers and Solutions

Did you know that there are 2,000 kinds, and except Antarctica, they are found everywhere? Not all carry dangers, but their infestation in your homes can lead to devastating occasions. Rats and mice are the major radent types that attack your healthy lifestyle. So, what can cause rodents? What are their primary dangers, and what are some solutions? Please read on!

What can cause rodents?

All mammals, especially mice and rats, can breed quickly and create vast numbers.

Like other pests, rats like food, so the major cause of rodent infestation is food attraction. Mice and rats are omnivores, eating everything from human food to leftovers.

Furthermore, rodents like pantries and trash cans. Also, they like to eat grains, seeds, nuts, fruits, and sweet-smelling foods. If available, they may also eat pet food.

Dangers due to rodents

Firstly, rodents in your homes need food to survive. They are equipped with a powerful sense of smell, which allows rats to discover food sources from afar. So, the first danger is the food contamination.

Another danger is property damage. They chew metal, plastic, and electrical wiring to get to the food. Rodents may not eat home objects but chew them to get food.

Finally, the worst danger due to the presence of mice and rats is diseases. Some of them are:

  • Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS).
  • Leptospirosis.
  • Salmonellosis.
  • Rat-Bite Fever.
  • Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis (LCM).
  • Plague.
  • Rickettsialpox.
  • Tularemia.


The first solution is to deprive them of the things that keep them in your home. Stop mishandling your food, and clean your kitchen. If some scraps or small chunks of food are on the floor, clean and dispose of them. Furthermore, airtight containers should hold all food, including pet food. Clean crumbs and spills often, and don’t leave dishes out overnight.

Secondly, thoroughly inspect your home to find rodent entry points. Common access locations include door and window gaps, foundation fractures, vents, pipes, and utility holes.

Finally, seal and empty garbage cans regularly. Secure outdoor waste bins because mice are drawn to their scents.

Asking for Help

The diseases linked with rodents are not a joke. So, to preserve your health and safety, we recommend calling professionals.

This solution always works, and you won’t have any rodents for the foreseeable future.

Professional pest cleaning services have the necessary equipment and expertise to deal with them. Also, they can point out the vulnerable spots around your property. So, the chances of a future rodent infestation in your house become minimal.


So, what causes rodents? They are a result of food mishandling and safe havens on your premises. Don’t hesitate to call us with a serious rodent issue at home. We at Exterminator Pest Control will reach your property ASAP. You can also ask for a FREE quote here. Thanks for the Read!