The elusive mole is one of the most interesting little critters to be found in the garden, with their funny spade-like paws, their tiny eyes and their lack of external ears… but, unfortunately, they’re also one of the most destructive and there’s nothing worse than looking at your once perfectly manicured lawn to see it bumped up with pesky mole hills.

To help you understand a little bit more about these curious mammals, here are three fast facts about moles. 

And, of course, if you need any help at all with mole pest control at any point, you can always get in touch with us and we can come out and lend a hand in the garden.


#1 The star-nosed mole is the fastest eater in the world!

The American star-nosed mole is rather a strange-looking little beast but its star-shaped proboscis works to feel out prey as it moves around, bobbing it against the soil as fast as it can, touching ten to 12 different locations in just one second. And it can eat a worm or insect in a truly impressive quarter of a second!


#2 Not all moles are blind

It’s a common misconception that moles are all blind or that they don’t even have eyes at all, but this isn’t true. Yes, their eyesight isn’t great and some moles may have skin that covers their eyes, but research has shown that they may see better than previously thought, able to see light even when their eyes are permanently closed.


#3 Earthworms are their favourite food

Moles are omnivores and they’ll munch on vegetable matter, grubs and insects, but they love nothing more than munching away on earthworms. Apparently, they even prepare the worms for the dinner table by squeezing them along their bodies to get rid of any dirt in the gut and any lingering debris on their skin.