Rats Demonstrating ‘Increased Resistance’ To Rodenticides

There’s nothing worse than having a pest infestation of some kind. It can quickly become problematic and cause all sorts of problems - which is why getting on top of the issue as soon as possible is advisable. Rodent populations, in particular, can quickly get out of control if left to their own devices, but

World Cup Obstacle Course Keeps Squirrels Busy!

There’s one topic seriously dominating the headlines at the moment and that is, of course, the World Cup. Now, you might well think that domestic pest control and football couldn’t possibly have any common ground whatsoever… but it seems that they’ve been brought together with aplomb by one particularly avid footy fan. According to the

Gene Drive Grey Squirrels For Population Control?

Once upon a time, there were countless cute little red squirrels bouncing about all over the UK, but as the years have gone by, their numbers have been decimated by the introduction of their grey squirrel cousins. While arguably just as cute, these grey squirrels are a lot more destructive than their red counterparts, stripping

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