As we go into autumn and winter, keeping our homes as clean and hygienic as possible becomes even more important, as pests like rats and mice start to move indoors in search of food, warmth and shelter.

Even if you do take all necessary precautions to keep these little critters at bay, you may find yourself home to an infestation regardless – and it’s especially important to deal with such situations as quickly as you can, since rodents pose all sorts of health risks to humans, everything from Weil’s disease and hantavirus to salmonella… and who can forget about bubonic plague?

Regardless of what your ethical beliefs may be in terms of dealing with these pests humanely, it’s essential that you do take action or you could find yourself facing serious legal action and even potentially hefty fines as a result.

This has just been seen, in fact, over in Essex where a 73-year-old ethical vegan didn’t deal with a mouse infestation and she found herself fined (following a second prosecution) £1,500. Colchester Magistrates’ Court also awarded the local council £2,395 and imposed a victim surcharge of £150, Wales Online reports.

Part of the problem was that her neighbours also found themselves overrun by mice, leading to property damage. A spokesman for Tendring District Council said that Margaret Manzoni “considered the mice her pets [and that they wouldn’t] go to her neighbours because she looked after them”.

Providing sources of food for rodents, whether intentionally or by mistake, will almost always guarantee that you’ll have a problem on your hands sooner rather than later. Making sure that food prep areas are kept spick and span and that any bins are properly secure can go a long way towards preventing infestations.

If you do find yourself dealing with pesky rats and mice, however, get in touch with us today to discuss 24 hour emergency pest control.