If you have a mouse problem on your hands, rest assured that you’re certainly not the only one having to deal with an infestation. In fact, you’re in most excellent company indeed, with the historic Houses of Parliament apparently experiencing similar issues at the moment.

According to the Daily Mail, tens of thousands of pounds was spent between 2020 and 2021 trying to get a handle on the situation, with some 600 bait boxes laid out across the kitchen and catering areas.

The Rodent Control Strategy Review found that some of the mice seem to be resistant to various poisons currently in use, which is adding to the problem and making it hard to overcome.

The report, compiled alongside the University of Reading, said: “It is entirely possible that we have mice that will either not take bait or will not go into the bait boxes. This latter characteristic is becoming increasingly an issue in food premises throughout the country.”

Along with brown rats, mice are thought to be the most widespread terrestrial animal (not including humans). They need around 3g of food each day, with cereals and grains a particularly popular option for these little rodents. 

Since mice will generally only venture indoors at this time of year to find shelter from the cold, you can help keep numbers under control by being as clean and tidy as you can so they have no hiding places or any sources of food.

Look out for any signs of chewed food or plastic around the house, as well as little brown droppings. Urine stains can also be found where there is an infestation present, so keep a weather eye open to help prevent a serious problem from manifesting.

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