We’re just about to wave goodbye to January, which means that spring is just around the corner. As wonderful as this time of year can be, with signs of life returning to the world around us, it also means that we need to be increasingly on our guard against a very common garden pest.

We’re talking, of course, about the humble mole. Mole season in the UK runs from February to June so you may well start to see lots of little molehills popping up here, there and everywhere over the coming weeks.

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll see any actual moles, since they mostly live below ground, digging around and about while making their tunnels and chambers. Signs of an infestation are the molehills, which are created when all that excavated soil is chucked up to the surface.

While these cute little critters won’t gorge themselves on your plants, they can cause lots of damage thanks to all the tunnelling they do, so it’s important to know what action to take if you’re concerned about your garden.

You can, for example, use netting to prevent them from making their molehills on the surface of your lawn, but you’ll need to install this before the turf is laid down so it’s not a particularly good option if you’ve already got grassy areas at home or at your place of business.

Another potential option is to install an electronic device that emits a buzzing sound, which some have found to be an effective deterrent. However, it’s possible that your mole problem will only be transferred to another part of the garden, so you may want to think again.

If you have a persistent problem on your hands, it’s likely that you’ll benefit from hiring a professional mole pest control company like The Exterminator Pest Control. We have all the skills and experience needed to help you get your moles sorted out quickly, efficiently and humanely, so get in touch with the team today to see what we can do.