As lovely as it is to finally see some sunshine after a long and dreary winter, this time of year can bring perils of its own that can threaten to quash that spring in your step. We’re talking about wasp season, of course!

Wasps start buzzing about here and there from April, as the mercury gradually starts to rise, coming to an end in September or thereabouts, when the weather starts to cool down once again.

In April, all those hardy queen wasps that made it through the winter months start building new colonies, typically in attics and lofts, sheds, garages and so on, which are sheltered and quiet for them… so make sure you keep an eye on these spots around the house and other buildings to prevent any secret infestations!

Once the queen has built her little hive, she starts to lay eggs. These then turn into worker wasps and they start emerging between April and May, so you’ll likely start seeing them around and about.

But it’s during June and July when you need to be particularly vigilant where wasps are concerned, as this is when colonies will be fully populated. In the middle of summer, these nests can have up to 10,000 wasps in them, so if you do come across a nest, make sure you don’t disturb it and give it a wide berth.

Towards the end of wasp season, it’s also advisable to take extra care, as worker wasps can become a lot more aggressive and fly a lot further from their hive. You’re also more likely to be stung at this time of year because wasps are out and about for longer, so bear this in mind, as well.


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