There’s nothing worse than having a pest infestation of some kind at home or at your place of business and, in fact, it can represent potentially serious health risks if not dealt with quickly and efficiently by a professional and experienced pest control specialist.

The presence of rodents can be particularly problematic and bacterial infections can be spread from animals to humans if proper precautions are not taken. The risks are minimal but it’s always useful to be aware of them and to help decrease the chances of contracting an infection.

Weil’s disease – or leptospirosis – is a bacterial infection that can be carried by animals, most commonly rats and cattle. Humans can catch it through contact with rat urine, typically through contaminated freshwater.

It’s not thought that the infection causes any illness in rats themselves, so high levels of infection are likely and it is one of the most prevalent diseases spread from animals to humans in the world… although it is most commonly seen in tropical and subtropical regions.

Initial symptoms include high fever, muscle aches, severe headache, vomiting and a possible rash, manifesting for between three and five days before recovery. 

Again, it’s not a huge cause for concern and leptospirosis is rare in the UK. That being said, if you do think you have a rat infestation somewhere, getting it dealt with quickly is perhaps a good idea.

Signs that you have an infestation include droppings under the skin, in drawers and cupboards and around food packaging, gnaw marks, holes in walls and floors and shredded paper or fabric that could be nesting material.

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