If, out of the corner of your eye, you’ve been spotting little flashes of silver on the floor every now and again, it’s unlikely that you’ve stumbled upon a hidden treasure chest… it’s far more likely, unfortunately, that you’ve got an infestation of silverfish, tiny little nocturnal insects that get their name from their shiny silver colour.

Also known as bristletails, these little pests are incredibly common in homes around the UK and, while they don’t pose any risks to humans, they can cause all sorts of problems where belongings are concerned, destroying books, wallpaper, carpets and clothes… and you often find them in unsealed food packets, so exterminating them is essential.

They’re relatively difficult to spot, however,  because they like to make dark, moist places their home, such as cellars, attics, kitchens and garages, where food is plentiful for them.

Signs you might have a silverfish infestation include yellow stains on clothing, small holes and droppings on wallpaper and old newspapers, and actual silverfish spotted in food packaging.


How do you get rid of silverfish?

Silverfish are generally just regarded as something of a nuisance but if you don’t address the problem, you could find you have a serious infestation, with significant numbers of these insects. 

Controlling the humidity in your home can prove effective at preventing an infestation in the first place, but you will need to call in pest control services if you already have silverfish in substantial numbers. If you’d like any help or advice, get in touch with the team here at The Exterminator Pest Control today.