Termites in the UK – Understanding and Remedies

Termites are a global pest control issue. People always complain about termites or pest controllers removing them. But what about the Britain? Does the UK have termites? Should you worry? Please read on to learn more!

Understanding the termites

Termites are common in homes and yards. For almost 1000 years, termites have lived in the woods. There are two types of termites:

  • Dry wood termites.
  • Subterranean termites.

Also, subterranean termites are difficult to eradicate, while dry wood termites are simple.

As a food source, termites devour wood and wall cellulose. The most attractive ones are moisture, wood, and food wastes attract them.

Did you know that termites can destroy your house wood? Many strategies exist to control and eliminate termites; some of them are:

  • Chemical Treatments.
  • Baiting Systems.
  • Physical Barriers.
  • Biological Control.
  • Moisture Control.
  • Regular Inspections.
  • Wood Treatment.
  • Professional Pest Control Services.
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

How about termites in the UK?

So, you are a Brit; should you be worried about termites? The simple answer is no. This is because the UK’s atmosphere does not provide termites with ideal living conditions. IT IS FAR TOO WET!

Until recently, there has been only one case of termites in the UK. A colony was found under two Devon bungalows. Newspaper reports say the owner noticed white ants on her property. Soon, these ants were ruining her greenhouse and other portions of her house.

A pest control team arrived, tackled the issue, and stopped the spreading to other areas.

Why hire professionals in case of a pest infestation?

Hiring professionals is always the right call to tackle any infestation issue. Your house is your safe space and with pests lurking around, not so much. So, call us or ask for a FREE quote here in case of any pest issues. Thanks for the Read!