How to get rid of rats in your sewer pipes

Rats in your sewer pipes threaten your family’s health. They can be found on drainpipes and will flee if you approach. The rats will go into the thin pipes and can’t get out. This causes them to live in your plumbing system and make noise!

If you face a similar issue, it is time to act now. This blog post shows different approaches that have worked for others to eliminate rats in sewer pipes. Please read on to learn how to eliminate rat infestations permanently!

Solutions – Getting rid of rats in your sewer pipes

According to our experts at Exterminator Pest, Chelmsford, Essex, numerous ways exist to eliminate rats in your sewers. Some of them are:

Seal Entrances

Blocking rats’ access points is the first step to removing sewer pipe rats. Look for cracks in your sewer system where rats could get in.

Additionally, rats can fit through tiny cracks, so be careful. Close these access points with steel wool, wire mesh, or sealant.

These rat-proof materials prevent plumbing pests from returning. Be diligent when sealing, as rats will try to find new ways if you leave gaps.

Trap Rats

Rat traps are excellent at reducing sewer rat populations. Use snap or glue traps for rats. Place these traps near probable entrance points or rat noises.

Also, bait traps with peanut butter, bacon, or tiny fruit to boost their effectiveness. Regularly check traps and remove rats quickly.

Lastly, maintaining these traps until you no longer hear rat activity is crucial because even one rat can cause major issues.

Use drain valve

A drain valve controls the flow of water entering your pipes. It can avoid sewage backups and manage wastewater flow in home and commercial plumbing systems.

So, with proper wastewater control, rats can’t enter your sewer pipes.

Remove food source

Only areas with food and water will house rats. Plumbing experts believe removing these sources will force rodent companions to depart. Source elimination requires careful what you flush down your drains and keeping the region clean to avoid pests.

Consult an expert pest control service

Contacting a pest control expert for sewer pipe rats is always the best solution. Plumbing rat infestations can be complicated, but specialists have the skills, experience, and instruments to handle them. Expert help is necessary for the following reasons:

  • Rodent behaviour, biology, and control procedures are taught to pest management experts. They can precisely assess the infestation, identify access points, and create a focused removal plan.
  • Professional pest control uses recognised, safe procedures for rats. They know how to safeguard your family and pets from disease and toxins from rat infestations.
  • Professionals can access many rodent control instruments and methods homeowners may need help with. They can swiftly and successfully remove rats from sewer lines using baiting, trapping, and exclusion.
  • Experts can advise on rat prevention. Also, they can recommend structural repairs, sanitation, and plumbing rat-proofing.
  • Some UK regions regulate rodenticide use and pest control chemicals. Pest control professionals know local laws and can guarantee treatments are legal.

Furthermore, call a professional if rats are in your sewer lines to avoid plumbing damage and health dangers. Consulting a pest control expert will provide you peace of mind and increase your chances of addressing the problem.

Finally, the rats in your sewer can become a significant problem quickly. Get this: A female rat can reproduce 60 to 70 pups annually. How long will it take them to crowd your house? Act now, call us or ask for a FREE quote here. Thanks for the Read!