From Nuisance to Solution: Managing Pigeon Control in Essex with Expert Tips

Pigeons are sweet birds; if you get to know them, they can be great pets. However, they multiply very fast and, in large numbers, can become a nuisance. Dealing billions of dollars worth of damage globally, feral pigeons seriously threaten your properties and well-being. Experts say global property damage can be ignored, but health concerns are another story. In this blog post, experts from The Exterminator Pest Control Chelmsford, UK, discuss pigeon control management. Read on to learn more!

Assessing the Risks

Did you know that pigeon droppings carry various dangerous viruses? These viruses can affect your health seriously. When these droppings dry and air blows, the small particles become airborne, carrying these viruses everywhere.

Furthermore, these droppings cause a great deal of damage to the buildings and infrastructures of various businesses. If you start calculating the damage globally, you will be shocked.

Some of the major health concerns due to pigeon pests are:

  • Impaired vision.
  • Fever
  • Pneumonia

Finally, they infest the directly unreachable places in great numbers.

Understanding Pigeon Behavior

Feral pigeons settle with families and are quite intelligent. Let’s say you scare them away; they will come back to their home sooner or later.

Another fact about them is that they will always find their home as if a built-in GPS is installed in them.

Furthermore, a female lays around 12 eggs yearly, so they breed very fast. If, by some chance, a flock is weak or eliminated, flocks from other parts of the area will come. They will come to claim this area’s resources and breed even faster.

Implementing Pigeon Deterrents

There are various pigeon control tactics that you can use in Essex. Some of them are:

Smell tactic: Use essential oils extracted from peppermint or cinnamon. Mix it in a water spray bottle and spray it in pigeon hotspots. They dislike this smell and fly away.

Wire coils: Use wire coils to stop pigeons from sitting on your wires. They love to sit on wires, so if you do this, they will stay away.

Sound and light: Reflecting light can irritate pigeons. Also, if you mix this scare tactic with ultra-sonic sounds, they will stay away.

Scarecrow: Pigeons are afraid of scarecrows and other predators. Thus, make a few fake scarecrows and relax.

What we don’t recommend

We love pigeons; thus, killing them through poison, shock, and other shooting tactics is wrong.

Even if you adopt such tactics, you cannot stop them from bothering you again. It is because of a very good reason. When you eliminate a flock of feral pigeons, another from nearby takes its place.


The above-mentioned scare tactics mostly work fine. Still, if you need a complete pigeon control job anywhere in Essex, contact us. You can ask for a FREE quote here, and we will be with you soon. Thanks for the Read!