How to get rid of mice – Top 3 solutions

Sealing entry points sounds like a good solution, but there are so many points. So, it would be best to have a few ideal solutions to help eliminate mice. Fortunately, after some research, we present you with the most effective solutions. So, if you are thinking of how to get rid of mice, please read on!

Bait and mouse traps

The classic and effective solution around how to get rid of mice is none other than traps. It sounds easy enough, but it is not!

Firstly, you need to know what attracts mice. What type of bait you will use to attract them?

Secondly, you want to purchase good-quality mouse traps.

Finally, you want to place the trap in ideal spaces in your house.

A kitty and Litter

Relax, there will be no Tom and Jerry action. This solution on how to get rid of mice is as old as time.

Our feline friends have been serving households as pets since old times. Please remember to check that no family members are allergic to cats.

Furthermore, kitty litter sends out a fearful smell to a mouse. So, they will not hand around in your house and go away.

Lastly, even if a mouse comes in, the cat will take care of it.

Hire Professionals

Home remedies are cheaper, but they are not guaranteed to work. However, a professional service can guarantee results for a complete mice solution. We at Exterminator Pest Control have been eliminating pests for a long time.

You can request a FREE quote now or discuss your problem with one of our representatives. Thanks for the Read!