Drainage Pest Control Services

The Exterminator Pest Control Service is a well-known pest control in Chelmsford, Essex and surrounding areas. Our experts can handle various pest control operations, including drainage pest control. Let’s see what our experts say about pests in your drainage. Additionally, you will also understand the significance of these operations. Please read on!

The drainage system and pests

Your house has a network of pipes and drains that remove sewage and rainwater, keeping it dry and clean.

Pests can settle in drainage systems due to moisture, organic waste, and food residue in pipes. These conditions attract insects and rodents seeking shelter and food.

Also, poorly maintained or damaged drainage systems can allow pests into houses. Thus plumbing issues must be addressed immediately to prevent infestations.

Identification of pests in the drainage system

Typically, the symptoms of a pest infestation in your drainage system are easy to spot. Signs of a drainage system pest infestation include:

  • A nasty smell is one of the most prevalent indications of a pest infestation in your drainage system. It may indicate a pest infestation.
  • Slow drainage or blocked drains may indicate a pest infestation. Rodents and insects can establish nests and block drainage systems, slowing or stopping drainage.
  • If your drains make scratching or scurrying noises, you may have a pest infestation. Rats can crawl around in your drainage system, making weird sounds.
  • Insects and rodents in or around your drainage system indicate an infestation.

When do Drainage Pest Control Services come into play?

After you have identified the presence of pests in the drains of your house, it is time to call in drainage pest control services.

According to our experts, here is what they will do after they arrive at your location:

  • The first step is to inspect your drainage system to determine the insect infestation. To find the issue, they will investigate pipes, drains, and adjacent regions.
  • Pest control experts will identify your drainage system’s pests. This information helps them choose the best treatments.
  • They will tailor a treatment plan after assessing and identifying pests. This approach may involve pesticides, traps, or other tactics tailored to your situation.
  • Pest control experts will then remove bugs from your drainage system. This may involve trapping rodents or insects or utilising pesticides.
  • Experts will propose and often repair drainage system damage caused by pests. Maintaining the drainage system prevents further infestations.
  • To avoid future pest infestations, professionals may recommend preventive actions. This includes drain maintenance, entrance point sealing, and trash disposal.
  • The Exterminator Drainage Pest Control Service offers follow-up inspections to confirm the infestation is gone and to address any leftover issues.
  • Professionals teach homeowners how to maintain drainage systems and prevent pest infestations.

Lastly, drainage pest control services follow these procedures to eliminate pests from your drainage system.


An infested drain system may seem like an easy DIY, but we recommend calling professionals in case of a serious problem.

Drainage pest control services at Exterminator Pest are second to none. You can ask for a FREE quote here. Thanks for the Read!