In essence, squirrels are very cute, personable little creatures, with their big bushy tails, bright eyes and funny quirky natures… but, unfortunately, these characterful critters can also cause a lot of damage to property if their population numbers get out of control.

Possible damage caused by your local squirrel gangs include bark stripping of trees so they can build nests, as well as chewing on bark, which can affect the growth of the tree. These rodents also make their presence known in our homes and other buildings, causing damage to wooden beams, electrical wires and cabling.

One little trick you might like to try is the use of tin foil, as it seems that squirrels might well have something of an aversion to the shiny stuff. If they’ve been damaging your shrubs and other planting, perhaps try putting some strips of foil in the soil, as squirrels don’t like the feel of it between their teeth.

If your trees have been stripped bare and you’re starting to despair, you could even go so far as to wrap the trunks with foil, making it hard for them to climb up.

Other more alternative methods of squirrel control include sprinkling cinnamon outside to keep them away (they hate the smell, apparently!). Because squirrels have such a strong sense of smell, anything powerfully scented can prove quite the deterrent, it seems.

However, if you’re struggling with a current infestation and aren’t sure how to sort it out, get in touch with us today to discuss UK squirrel pest control. We provide an out of hours service, with no callout fee, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.