Camera Survey to Find Rat Problems in Drains & Sewers

You may question if sewer rats exist. Yes, they do! Going into your bathroom and finding a mouse in your toilet bowl may seem unbelievable. But how do we see them and confirm their presence in the sewer lines? The answer is through a camera survey to find rats in your sewers. At Exterminator Pest Control, we are doing it. Please read on to learn how and why we do it.

Why do we need a camera for the sewer rats survey?

A camera survey to discover rat problems in drains and sewers is the best way to confirm their presence.

After identification, you can consider a rat treatment to eliminate their numbers and underground access. So, the survey helps with long-standing rat problems. A camera survey also helps to know the drain layout and connection to the public sewer.

How does the camera survey for the sewer rats work?

Experts use CCTV equipment to assess your drains for rodent entrance points, damaged pipes, and redundant joints. This allows them to provide the best option to fix the issues.

The process of a camera survey for rats in your sewers is rather simple:

  • A waterproof micro camera with LED light is attached to a wire head and inserted into your sewer lines.
  • The other end is connected to a smart LED monitor/screen, which shows the live video of the other end of the wire.
  • The technician checks the tape for rat droppings, nests, and rats. They also look for pipe fractures, obstructions, or damage that may be causing the rat infestation.
  • The technician maps the sewage or drainage system, noting manholes, junctions, and public sewer connections. This information is crucial for locating rat access locations and planning pest management.
  • The technician can suggest rat management and prevention based on the findings. This may involve blocking access sites, installing non-return valves, or treating specific areas for rats.

Early prevention benefits

A camera survey to find rats’ threat level and presence in your sewer lines can help take early steps. This is a proactive method for rat infestation management.

Before a full infestation, homeowners and property managers can see rat behaviour or entrance points and take urgent action. Dealing with a rat infestation early on is easier and cheaper than dealing with a broad problem, saving time and money.

Also, a camera survey helps create a targeted preventative plan. By studying its arrangement, the specialist can offer steps to stop rats from entering or residing in sewer lines. Installing non-return valves, sealing access points, or repelling rats are a few such examples.


Camera surveys for rats in your sewer lines give peace of mind. After a comprehensive inspection and rat-proofing, homeowners and property managers may trust their sewer system.

Also, it removes the fear of rat infestations, allowing homeowners to enjoy their properties without worrying about health dangers. Thus, a camera survey provides practical and psychological reassurance.

Finally, at Exterminator Pest Control, we offer a complete inspection and removal plan of your sewer lines for rat infestation. You may call us or ask for a FREE quote here. Thanks for the Read!