What kills bed bugs instantly?

Long lasting ich? Red spots and raches? The vampires of nature, also called bed bugs, cause these. It is perhaps one of the most uncomfortable feelings at night when they bite. So, what kills bed bugs instantly? Let’s discuss more on that.

Understanding bed bugs

Tiny bed bugs feast on human and animal blood. They lurk in dark corners and cracks at night.

Your mattress is their preferred dine-in arena since they can easily access your skin. Their bites might disrupt sleep.

Home remedies to get rid of them

Are there effective bed bug home remedies? Professionals should handle most bed insect issues. However, you can take action while waiting for the bed insect exterminator. Here are some ways to reduce bedbugs in your home.


Make sure to vacuum your bedding, furnishings, and even microscopic holes in your bed frame, walls, and wallpaper.

Also, use a brush to loosen bugs and eggs on your mattress, upholstered furniture, etc. Lastly, please dispose of the vacuum bag after sealing its contents.

Baking Soda

Baking soda dehydrates bed bugs, another home remedy. Scatter a small layer of baking soda on suspected critter habitats. Wait a week before vacuuming up the powder. You must repeat this process until all bugs and eggs are gone.

Using a steam cleaner

A home steam cleaner can help eradicate bed bugs from your mattress and box spring. Research reveals that extreme heat is one of the best ways to kill bed bugs rapidly.


At Exterminator Pest Control, we understand the amount of suffering you go through in case of a bed bug infestation. People often try numerous methods to eliminate them, but not all are effective.

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