As cute as squirrels may well be, they can prove to be quite problematic indeed if they take up residence in your home or if their numbers get out of control. 

Squirrels can cause all sorts of damage to property and make lots of noise at night, to the distress of the residents of the house, but do they represent a health risk and just how aggressive are these little critters?

The grey squirrel was first introduced in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland during Victorian times, coming all the way from North America.

They were originally intended to be a wonderful addition to estates and country homes here and there, but over time grey populations exploded and outcompeted their red squirrel cousins for food… with red populations declining as a result.

As well as damaging trees, gnawing on woodwork and destroying insulation, grey squirrels also have the capacity to attack people, whom they’ve come to associate with food. Of course squirrel attacks are rare – but certainly not unheard of!

Back in 2021, for example, the Independent reported that a grey squirrel going by the name of Stripe went on a 48-hour rampage through the small town community of Buckley in Flintshire, with at least 18 people left suffering cuts and bites to their hands and heads. 

Others said they were too afraid to leave their homes, while others still said they had been chased down the street!

Although these incidents are, thankfully, few and far between, it’s still advisable to try not to deal with a squirrel infestation yourself. If you do think you have a problem, get in touch with The Exterminator Pest Control team to discuss squirrel pest control near you.