Moths are a very common sight in the UK throughout the year and, although they’re undeniably incredibly beautiful, they can wreak all sorts of havoc if their numbers get out of control… especially clothes moths, which love nothing more than having a good old munch on all our favourite clothes and upholstery at home!

There are thousands of different species of moth, however, and in fact the number of different species globally is around 160,000… far more than the different butterfly species that exist! And that’s just one little fact about our fluttery friends! 

To help you learn even more about moths, here are four gems of knowledge about these little lepidopterans.


#1 Some moths don’t eat!

Interestingly, there are some species of moths out there that go their entire lives without eating – such as the adult luna moth, which doesn’t even have a mouth. It only lives for around a week after emerging from its cocoon, solely on this earth to mate and lay eggs to perpetuate the species.


#2 Some moths live underwater!

Mind-blowingly, some moths are able to live underwater for weeks, with fancy-cased caterpillars in Hawaii able to build houses for themselves (similar in shape to a little burrito!). 


#3 Moths don’t just fly at night!

We’re very well used to seeing moths fluttering around sources of light at nighttime, but did you know that there are various species of day-flying moths that come in all sorts of bright colours? Well, now you do!


#4 Male moths have an incredible sense of smell!

Male moths use their antennae to sniff out odours – and some species can even smell female moths that are more than seven miles away!

While most moth species aren’t problematic, if you do have an issue on your hands and need the help of a moth exterminator, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.