Few property issues can make a resident feel more uncomfortable than a rat infestation.

Whether they consist of the larger brown rat or the smaller black rat, rat infestations can not only be unsightly, they can also cause serious damage and even health and hygiene concerns, often requiring the help of a rat exterminator to ensure the home is safe after infestation.

Typically, rats will choose a home based on whether it can meet its basic needs and how easy it is to create a largely undisturbed nest, so here are some common causes of infestation issues.


A Source Of Water

What sets rats apart from other pests, including other rodents is how much water they need to survive. This is why rats will often take shelter near leaky pipes and waterlogged gardens, as they provide a constant source of water.

Make sure your property is appropriately waterproofed and check for any leaks, especially in the attic and basement.


Access To Shelter

Like most home invaders, rats are opportunists and whilst they will constantly seek out warm shelters, they tend to only bother with places with easy ways in, such as cracks, broken vents, open doors and other easy ways to slip in undisturbed.

Keep doors closed, seal holes around pipework and cables and try to avoid having vines and vegetation growing on the side of your house, as this allows rats to seek shelter on your roof.


Easily Stolen Food

The easier your food is to steal, the more rats you will attract, and the more bite marks and holes you will see in loaves of bread and cereal boxes.

Store your food securely and out of reach of rats, such as in the fridge, in firmly closed cupboards and in plastic boxes that rats cannot bite their way into.