Wasp season is looming we can help remove the wasp nest.

As the days grow longer and warmer the queen wasp is going to come out of her winter hibernation

You may see her buzzing about looking for a home to set up the best, there’s no need to panic as it will be nearly impossible to treat her at this time.

A lot of people think wasps do no good this is incorrect, they do pollinate and also keep other pest insects numbers down.

it’s when their natural food run out and they turn to sugary food they become a issue.

When the workers have finished their work cycle they start feeding on high sugar foods, this is when they come in contact with us humans.

A nest should be treated by a professional as some beats can hold thousands of wasps, each wasp can sting over and over. Each sting leaves a hormone which alarms other wasps to the danger and gives them a target to attack.