Almost all homes experience the odd nuisance visitors from time to time (and no, we don’t mean people who drop round without texting first). Rodents and insects can create a wide range of problems for the householder, from minor inconveniences to serious damage. Here are a few top tips to help keep pesky invaders at bay!


Clean regularly

Pests are attracted to food sources, so keeping floors and work surfaces clean and crumb-free is important. Clean up any spilled food and drink straight away. Once a week or more often, remove all the clutter from your kitchen work surfaces and have a wipe down with an anti-bac spray.

Keep the filters on your vacuum cleaner free of clogged dirt and dust, so that it is working at optimum efficiency. Regularly vacuum behind and underneath furniture, and use a long-handled duster to reach webs that can accumulate on walls and ceilings.


Good ventilation

It can be tempting to stop up all the vents and never open the windows, but this can lead to a damp humid house which will just attract more pests, who will find a way in somehow. Instead, place a fine wire mesh over air vents to prevent rodents and bugs entering. If you are worried about wasps, use a fly screen over open windows.


Take care of pets

If you have a cat or dog, groom them regularly to keep their coat in good condition, and check for fleas and ticks. Make sure you apply regular flea treatments, both for the comfort of your pet and to eliminate the chances of an infestation in your home.


Tackle storage

If you have a lot of woollen winter clothes, avoid leaving them in the wardrobe for months on end during the summer. Instead, have them cleaned and store them in sealed containers, with a silica packet to absorb moisture.


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