As a landlord, it’s essential to know what your responsibilities to your tenants are, so that if any problems do arise down the line you know who needs to take care of it and where the buck ultimately stops.

With pest infestations, you will be responsible for sorting out extermination and dealing with the problem if the tenancy agreement says you’re responsible. 

It will also be down to you to sort out if the contract says you must keep the property in a good and habitable state. In addition, if you fail to ensure that necessary repair work is carried out onsite and an infestation occurs as a result of this, the responsibility also lies with you.

You also need to remember that you have a duty to ensure that any new tenants moving into a furnished rental property will find that the home is fit for purpose and habitable. If an infestation is present, it’s likely that this means you haven’t fulfilled this obligation, so it’s important to ensure that properties are ready for tenants to move in.

Landlords can be forced to deal with issues like infestations by local authorities if they’re considered to be a statutory nuisance – so it’s perhaps advisable to stay one step ahead and have rigorous protocols in place to prevent infestations from being problematic in the first place.

If you do want to make sure that your property portfolio is pest-free and ready for new tenants to move into, or perhaps you know you’ve got an infestation on your hands and you need some help clearing it, get in touch with us today to discuss UK disinfection services and other pest control options.