As the temperatures start to drop around the country, it seems that we all need to be on our guard against mega ultra-rats the size of rabbits, with experts now saying that we could start to see these pests putting in an appearance in our homes and gardens over the next few weeks.

Gardening Express experts have expressed concerns about rat populations over the coming months, saying that recent heatwaves and an abundance of food from uncollected rubbish have come together to create perfect breeding conditions, Wales Online reports.

Founder of the organisation Chris Bonnett explained that now is indeed the time to protect your home and your garden, as hungry rats will eat practically anything… even dog faeces. As such, keeping the interior and exterior of your property clean and tidy will really help keep these “randy infested ultra-rats” at bay.

Mr Bonnet was further quoted by the news source as saying: “Some of the imperative measures to take to protect yourself and your home are laying preventive scents around your home and clearing any rubbish, debris and garden waste that’s accumulated during summer.”

It can be difficult to get rid of pests permanently, however, so if you are struggling with rat populations now or in the future, it could be worth giving us a call to discuss what we can do as professional rat exterminators.

You may not even know you have a problem on your hands until you start to see signs of damage, so keep a lookout for signs of gnawing on food packaging, containers and so on. Other signs to look out for include droppings around the size of a raison, as well as smear marks on skirting boards. If you see anything like this, get in touch with the team today!