When it comes to domestic pests, cockroaches are certainly among those at the top of the most unwanted list. 

These little insects can carry certain types of bacteria that can lead to illness if they can access our food sources and they’re also considered to be a serious health risk for anyone with asthma and allergies… so keeping on top of infestations is an absolute must!

Interestingly, research just published by Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh has found a new potential way to deal with these creepy-crawlies, using a laser and artificial intelligence system that could replace other imperfect methods like sticky traps and chemical gels and pastes.

Developed by scientist Ildar Rakhmatulin, the system relies on machine vision, with two cameras sending signals back to a computer to give the cockroach’s position… and it can do this with a high degree of accuracy from 1.2m.

The laser can then be used to direct cockroach behaviour. For example, if persistent heat is emitted, it forces the cockroaches to change direction or position, so they can be turned away from dark hiding places. Turning the heat up, meanwhile, means cockroaches can be neutralised or killed from up to 1.2m away.

Mr Rakhmatulin said: “This laser system is a selective and eco-friendly pest control method. It’s extremely promising. It’s a tunable system, so it could be used to protect against mosquitos, to keep predatory hornets away from bees or parasites from valuable crops or stores.”

However, a warning was issued by the scientist that the system isn’t suitable for domestic use, since the laser can cause blindness or severely damage the eyes… so if you do have a cockroach problem, you would perhaps do better to get in touch with us here at The Exterminator Pest Control!

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