One of the worst infestations you can have at home has to be fleas because they can be very hard to get rid of, especially if you try to de-flea your property by yourself without the help of a professional pest exterminator.

It’s really easy to think you’ve got rid of them all when, in actual fact, you haven’t because flea eggs are really tricky to spot. They can easily make their way into your soft furnishings, including carpets, rugs and bedding, as well as between the gaps between your floorboards. So, before you know it, you’ll have fleas hopping about all over the house again.

Usually, fleas make it into our properties on the coats of our pets, so if you’re worried that you might have an infestation, have a good look and see if you can see any bugs crawling about.

The head, neck and hindquarters are typically where these pests can be found, but also look out for flea dirt – fine black droppings that resemble ground black pepper. Get a flea comb and pass it through your pet’s coat over a piece of white paper, which makes it easier to identify the dirt. You can also find this on your bedding, carpets and rugs if you do have an infestation.

As well as annoying your pets, fleas can cause people distress, as well. While the bites aren’t especially painful, they can be itchy and uncomfortable. Some people may also have an allergic reaction or develop a rash near the bite site.


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