If you have or have had an infestation of flying insects, be it flies, moths, mosquitos, ants or
something else, it could be worth investigating the benefits of advanced disinfecting services
such as fogging, if you’re keen to avoid a recurrence in the future.

Fogging is a special treatment that targets these pests in particular, helping to prevent
damage to property, diseases and health problems like allergic reactions, swelling and so

The process involves having a survey carried out, where an expert technician comes to your
commercial or domestic premises to examine the infestation and the affected areas.

An ultra low volume fogging machine can then be used that produces a vapour containing
insecticide and water to kill the bugs immediately. Advice and guidance is also provided to
help you prevent further infestations in the future.

To prepare for the treatment, make sure you remove any pets you may have inside, clean up
food and any leftovers that may have been left out and throw any pest traps you may have
been using away.

Once the treatment has been carried out, make sure you keep the windows open for at least
three hours afterwards and avoid vacuuming for at least five days.

As a good rule of thumb for preventing future problems, ensure that all bins and waste
disposal units are kept tightly sealed and waste disposed of regularly. Maintaining a solid
cleaning schedule is also beneficial if you don’t want pests to become problematic again. If
you’d like any further help or advice, get in touch with the Pest Exterminator team today.