When it comes to infestations at home or elsewhere, one of the worst absolutely has to be a wasp infestation. While other domestic pests might be something of a nuisance, wasps can actually be quite dangerous and represent a possible serious risk to health, with allergies to stings potentially proving life-threatening.

You often find wasp nests in trees and in the corners and edges of the roofs of your home, garage and any sheds you have. They’ve even been known to make their way into the house itself and are often found inside loft spaces, as well.

If you’ve started spotting wasps flying around, you can try and locate the nest by watching flight patterns, seeing where they’re coming from and where they’re going. Follow them (carefully) and you should be able to find the nest.

It’s always advisable to call out a professional wasp exterminator once you have located the nest, so they can come and remove it for you. It can be very dangerous to try and do it yourself, especially if the nest is up high. It may be that specialist equipment is required to do the job safely.

Wasps typically only attack people if they feel threatened. While this may not be overly concerning with just one wasp, it becomes problematic if the wasp in question emits a pheromone that sends others in the vicinity into defence mode. Suddenly, you have a swarm on your hands!

Being stung can be painful, of course, but it can also be fatal and a sting can potentially send someone into anaphylactic shock, a severe allergic reaction that can have life-threatening consequences.

So, if you do think you have a wasp problem, get in touch with The Exterminator Pest Control team to see how we can deal with it on your behalf.