The start of a new season is always a wonderful time and there’s certainly something rather magical about autumn, in particular, as the leaves start to turn from green to browns, reds and yellows, and the days start to get shorter and shorter.

However, as magical as this time of year can be, it also means that we need to be on our guard against a range of different household pests that can certainly make their presence felt right now.

While it’s great that we can start waving goodbye to wasp populations for another year, it’s possible that you’ll start to see an influx of spiders in your homes, as they scuttle indoors to survive the colder winter months. 

Spider season is indeed upon us and early autumn is when house spiders are at their most active – but the good news is that the vast majority of spiders in this country pose no real threat to us… even if they do look a little creepy.

Aside from spiders, you might find yourself having to deal with cluster flies, which live outside during the summer but then head indoors to hibernate during the autumn. Keep a close eye on your lofts and roof spaces so you can keep populations under control.

Similarly, rats, mice and squirrels can be a nuisance at this time of year, as well. Rodents can gnaw their way into our homes through wooden doors or plastic air bricks and internal activity is sure to increase as the temperatures start to drop.

You can help prevent infestations by clearing up debris and fallen leaves outside to help reduce hiding places for pests, as well as doing repair work on the house itself to eliminate entry points. 

And, of course, if you do find you have a pest problem on your hands, get in touch with us today to discuss cluster fly treatments and other such services.