A time-honoured pastime for any young family is, of course, going off to feed the ducks – but as happy as this might well make our feathered friends, it appears that this fun activity could also keep the bellies of other animals well fed, as well.

Over the years, there have been numerous news reports coming in, featuring warnings from different local councils to stop feeding the ducks in order to prevent a rat infestation from taking hold in local communities.

The latest of these news reports came in only just the other day, in fact, with the chairman of the Warren Estate Residents Association saying several residents and regular users of Warren Lake in Bushey Heath have spotted rats darting about.

Raymond Coffer told the Watford Observer: “Hertsmere’s parks officer has been made aware of the increasing nature of the problem and has heard from Hertsmere’s pest control officer, who has surveyed the lake and advised that public feeding of bread to the ducks and wildfowl has caused the problem, and if continued, will lead to an increase in rats.”

Any food left behind from a trip to the pond or lake to feed the ducks could well be picked up by rats and other vermin – and they’re sure to return to the same spot if they think there are lots of easy pickings to be had there!

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