We all know that rats are very common domestic pests. In fact, it’s thought that you’re never more than a few hundred feet away from one at any given moment! 

But it seems as though the UK’s rat problem might be getting worse, with pest control experts just this week issuing stark warnings that rats the size of cats are starting to enter people’s homes through the pipe network, coming up through the toilets!

Rat populations have exploded over the last few years, driven in large part by the pandemic and lockdown (with closed properties giving them somewhere peaceful to breed), as well as poor waste management practices… so you may well start seeing these little critters popping up at home and work more frequently than before.

Want to know more about rats? Here are 5 hard and fast facts!


Rats are constant breeders

There is no breeding season when it comes to rats and a female rat will have around six litters a year, with around 12 pups. After five weeks or so, rats reach sexual maturity – which is why rat popultions can get out of control so easily.


Rats are amazing swimmers

Don’t believe that rats are able to emerge from your toilet? Well, think again! Rats have been known to hold their breath for up to three minutes and can tread water for three days – and they can survive being flushed down the toilet, simply swimming their way back into the building through the pipes.


Rats have very sharp teeth

Rats’ teeth are incredibly sharp and they grow continuously, which is why they need to gnaw on hard objects to keep them at a safe length… and this is why rats can cause so much damage if you do have an infestation at home or elsewhere.


Rats have bad eyesight

It’s thought that rats see in different shades of grey and don’t have particularly good eyesight. But they navigate their way around successfully by using their incredibly sensitive whiskers as sensory cues.


Rats are ninjas!

Rats are highly agile and are able to fall from heights of around 50ft without hurting themselves. They’re also able to jump three feet up into the air and can leap over four feet horizontally… the ninjas of the animal kingdom!


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