Spring is one of the most exciting times of year, where the outside world starts to flourish and come back to life once again after the winter months… but, as wonderful as it is to see life returning in this way, springtime also means that you’re going to start seeing an influx of different pests appearing over the next few weeks and months.

Carpet beetles, for example, are a lot more prolific at this time of year as the weather warms up, so keep a look out for adult insects (especially near windows), as this is an indication that you might have an infestation. Other signs include damage to fabric and upholstery, and faecal pellets.

Mosquitoes are also likely to start becoming something of a nuisance now and well into the summer months, because they start coming out of hibernation in the spring. Eggs are often laid in pools of standing water, so making sure you deal with puddles and other such sources can help prevent the insects from becoming too problematic.

Flies, of course, start to make their presence felt during spring and well into summer, but you can help deal with any infestations by keeping food areas clean and well looked after, and by keeping bins properly sealed so they have nothing to feast on.

Similarly, ants like to come out at this time of year, as well, but keeping the countertops and floors clean will help keep populations under control.

If you do find yourselves faced with an infestation of any kind, get in touch with us here at The Exterminator Pest Control to discuss disinfection services in the UK.